You may already have an antivirus program in place for your computer, but having it sit in the background of your Computer without setting up an auto schedule to scan for virus will not help you accomplish much. That’s similar to having a live security guard who is always sleeping or doing anything else unrelated […]

TeamViewer is definitely one of the most popular remote desktop applications. It’s a program that enables you to connect to any Computer or electronic device such as smartphones, tablets & laptops etc. Provided that the device you’re connecting to already has a TeamViewer app installed and you know both it’s TeamViewer ID & Password. Regardless

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Are you used to waiting for all programs to load the moment you start up your PC? There are a few reasons why this may be happening. If your PC is very slow during a restart – say it’s slow to shutdown, slow to reboot, that could either be a virus, malware or a failing

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Bluetooth technology has increasingly become another means to communicate wirelessly with other bluetooth capable devices. These days, bluetooth can be found on tech products ranging from Cell Phones to Speakers, Headphones, Keyboard and Mouse to MP3 players and even video game controllers. Although it’s easy to connect two devices using bluetooth, always remember that they

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